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Daylight Savings?

Well I don’t know about what any other bakers out there who work the crazy hours(Owl Hours) think of it.But I know of them and every once in a great while I will run into one when I least expect.And the last thing we ever talk about is...

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Cutting and stacking

Oh I’m a cutting and a stacking stacking stacking Oh I’m a cutting and a stacking hope my back holds out. Oh yes it’s that time of the year when I find myself doing the wood thing with a little more urgency.Thought it would be...

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Tuesday June 6th

At a  store near you ??? Anna Rosie’s Country French, Olive, Whole Wheat, Herbs (the H is not silent)Deli Rye,Ciabatta,Baguettes seeded and plain,and lets not forget the Polenta, and to top it off we  have got Pipers Pita Pocket bread...

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A Challah Story

This letter arrived this morning I tenderly removed the loaf-pan challah from the shelf, gently let go a cleansing breath and savored the aroma. Imagined my childhood fondness for Saturday morning, deep-yellow slabs of French toast. But the poor...

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Welcome to one and all on this 1st of May and my very first Blog. Blog is short for bread log. I bet you didn’t know that. A short history about Patchwork. I started my own market garden in 1995 after working for my neighbors Bruce and Judy...

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