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Welcome to one and all on this 1st of May and my very first Blog. Blog is short for bread log. I bet you didn’t know that. A short history about Patchwork. I started my own market garden in 1995 after working for my neighbors Bruce and Judy at Riverside Farm since 1990 . By 2001 through a series of events that that seemed to fall like dominoes in a line(not a straight line mind you) I had decided to bake as well as grow. Well by the second day , or was it the first, I thought this is crazy how the heck am I gonna pull this off. I didn’t.  At least not the way I had envisioned it. The major growing was put on hold. Just grew small amounts that I could use in the breads. Potatoes, Jalapeno’s , garlic, and a little of this and that. I even grew a nice crop of rye one year and with the help of Riversides combine harvested  my first grain . Well just to keep this thing short and to the point it’s been 16 years since I have started baking,”professionally “, I used to make a mean batch of Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookie’s when I was ten or so, and I have in the last few years trying with lots of aggravations in between to grow a crop of Emmer the granddaddy of wheat. Just small amounts to see if it is at all possible. If I am successful I might be able to lobby one of my crazy grower friends or anybody for that matter to try it on a larger scale than I could do.
Pictured(Emmer by Emers)