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Spelt is a very ancient grain dating back to between 4000 and 5000 BC. It is in the class of winter cereals along with Rye and Winter wheat. They are planted in the fall giving them a good head start so in the spring it’s already growing even before the summer crops are planted also giving them a head start on any weeds. This is why a colder region like Vermont is such an ideal place to grow such grains. Spelts genetic make up is pretty much the same as it was 3000 years before. It is appealing to a lot of people who either because of some allergy they have to modern wheat types or just because of its very distinctive flavor and color. So when you bake with Spelt or Dinkle, as the Europeans call it, you are using the same grain that was used in the making of Matzo in the Old Testament. And for most of those
reasons that is why we use Spelt in our Everyday Matzoh.