East Hardwick, Vermont
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About us

My wife likes to say that Patchwork Farm and Bakery was an accident, a very wonderful accident. Back in 2002 we had a 3 acre market garden and was in the process of building a winter vegetable storage. Anne, my wife informed me that I was to find me some kind of work for the upcoming winter, seeing I did not do well the previous growing  season, or for that matter the season before that, and  that watching our two daughters of five and three would not be enough, we needed some more dough.

Flash forward a couple weeks. After landing  me a job selling books for my friend Linda, who owns the Galaxy Bookstore in Hardwick I pick up a book about sourdough , brick oven’s and how to build them. Having baked  most of my life, I think I was about 7 or 8 when I discovered oatmeal chocolate chip cookie’s, how to make  them and eat them. But I had also learned how to bake bread from  my mom and so the prospect of a bakery seemed perfect when brought up as a joke at the dinner table  one night.I mean we already had a building going up.Why not make it a Bakery. That was just about 14 years ago now and now we bake around 25 varieties and still counting.